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Wood Beam & Glulam Repairs & Rebuild

Repair & Rebuild - A Great Alternative to Wood Beam Replacement



Major causes of the need for repair of wood beams and glulams is overloading, dry rot, and water damage. The common denominator is lack of strength. Most people think that replacement is the solution, but replacement is not always the fastest, cheapest or strongest solution. Repairing wood beams in place is a great alternative. So long as you can take the load off and have access to do repairs, gaining structural integrity can be much cheaper and faster. Cracks and voids can be injected with epoxy. Rotten wood can be replaced by laminating, and carbon strip and or carbon fiber can be added.



Wood Beam Repair & Rebuild

Before and After


On first view of this beam you can see signs of dry rot and the beam dropping under the support bracket by about 4 inches.



This beam rotted out after years of a slow drip from the roof. The rest of the beam was supported then we started cutting out the rotted areas. The beam was so badly rotted the roof was removed. We then replaced laminating with kiln dried fir and epoxy paste.


The roof was removed then we replaced all the bad area and injected all the cracks.






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